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Current work, "Red Triptych Number One"
Butterfly (left), colored pencil, 17x14 owned by Charlize Theron.
Pony (right), colored pencil 14x17 owned by Paul Theroux
Princess, still in progress.

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Santa Mz Clawz
Happily Ever Over

Another perfect "working" b-day, three days with Wendy Froud and the dollmaking class. Seeing people from previous classes come back was wonderful. Making new friends very nice :) Dinner at Lil Frankies.. just hit rewind now please so I can do it all again. Handmade doll, sculpted, sewn, painted, (jewel pieces front and back were also handmade but not by me, a gift for the doll) mohair, mohair /silk dyed yarn, linen, batting and acrylics. She has very pale blue eyes. Rough edges are intentional I am not fond of super perfection (just me, nothing against others doing it) but I like a rag doll spirit in art.

Here she is with her sisters from before..

Like my previous dolls I love her and she is even nicer in person where you can see all her colors. The hair came out so nice. Her legs are wrapped in varicolored mohair/silk yarn (previous doll's legs are wrapped in french deco ribbon, I love that slightly mummy feel) and the colors are nice earthy deep and sunset hues.



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