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Happily Ever Over, an epic tale from cmerry on Vimeo.

Please check your local listings for the program on the TLC Network
"The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off"
It will give you information and contacts on where you can help us find a cure

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Current work, "Red Triptych Number One"
Butterfly (left), colored pencil, 17x14 owned by Charlize Theron.
Pony (right), colored pencil 14x17 owned by Paul Theroux
Princess, still in progress.

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Santa Mz Clawz
Happily Ever Over

Just Your Average Conjoined Cyclops Twin Girls Next Door..




In their dancing pose. The piece next to them is a technique we learned to create hard formed fabric shapes and they are on a stand Wendy and Toby taught us to make (they are great teachers) but the doll can stand on her/their own too.

New doll made for the Wendy Froud doll sculpture class. This was the advanced class where the doll had to be completed beforehand and then we brought them in and learned techniques and new materials. I had wanted to use marbles for eyes for awhile so took this opportunity to do it so the eyes are clear marbles and you can see right into the heads of the dolls and the light catches in a really pretty way. I liked that they looked blind but all-seeing at once. The process was difficult in my home but when the dolls got to the class Wendy had them in the oven for a while after and it helped finish the sculpy since my toaster oven pretty much is junk and only works for just that.. toast. Toby also teaches and created the pattern for the double corset and then I cut and shaped the vari-form and the end effect was 100% better than I hoped it would be. I had purchased a small black leather purse in a thrift store to cut up for the leather but this is better. I may cover the feet in the leather and could still cover the vari-form in it but not feeling like risking how pretty it is now, maybe later. The hair is a continous length of hand dyed mohair, I love extreme rustic hair and kept it complete to preserve the beautiful dye shades and textures. I placed small black mohair yarn on top to create lines. They have two torsos and share hips and legs. Still have some tweaking to do but was very happy with them and had to take a few pictures :)

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